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Why invest in ServiceNow trainings?

Education and training of employees display the company’s support of seeing the employees grow professionally and become an even more valued member of the team. While investing a significant amount in a new software, the price to pay for training is quite small knowing the result you might get...

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Hidden diamonds of Jakarta

By now you have probably seen and heard a lot about the new cool features of Jakarta and what you can expect from upgrading. So, this post is not going to be about the big new features like Software Asset Management. I have spent some time digging around in documentation and playing around in...

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Fujitsu experimented on themselves, and now they eat, sleep, and breathe ServiceNow!

There’s a long history of scientists and inventors who experimented on themselves. Back in 1998, Professor Kevin Warwick at the University of Cybernetics in Reading, UK, had a silicon chip implanted under his skin. It had an RFID tag attached to it and sent radio signals to different devices all...

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In a world of SIAM - who is responsible for the SLA's and KPI's

If you’ve been running your IT organisation on the ITIL® for the past however long, and you’re now looking to focus on adopting SIAM as your core approach to managing IT services, you may well be considering what changes you’ll need to make to the ways you measure and govern your success.

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