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A Service Management tool  is not just a static solution made to meet general needs in every industry. A service management system can be customised and implemented to meet the specific needs of your company. We have seen different industries and different departments benefit greatly from investing in a customised Service Management solution. And here we give you 5 important industries and how an ITSM tool can benefit them.

So, to help you discover new uses for this amazing technology, we’ve put together this list of five industries it’s absolutely perfect for:

finance ITSM

Financial Services

Insight and planning are keys to financial management which a Service Management tool enables and makes it even easier to keep track of everything regarding the business's financial situation. When investing in new a solution, asset or project, it is important that all these investments are aligned with your overall business goals. A Service Management tool provides a full financial overview in an easy accessible dashboard. Keep track of budgets and investments, while you can make sure to correlate how much was spent and why the cost occurred.

Analysing financial changes is also easier. The system provides fully customised reports, which makes conversations about actual cost and value more fact-based. Service Management can help your business identify cost trends that are impacting the company, allocating costs and provide the management with a realistic view of service delivery costs. All this while increasing efficiency and transparency throughout the company.

Read our case study from the financial sector: Isabel SA


When a system fails within the health sector, the consequences can be fatal. Healthcare professionals who put their trust in a sustainable Service Management tool have seen great increase in both patient outcome and satisfaction. Service Management enables online appointments requests, home diagnostic tools and electronic health records - all for a more modern patience experience.

Increasing efficiency means that the healthcare professionals can focus on the patients and not complex manual processes.
Higher edu

Higher Education

With an easy-to-use IT infrastructure, both students and staff can focus on learning and research. Institutions for higher education can benefit greatly from using a sustainable and customised ITSM tool. By providing a self-service platform for students and faculty administrators we have seen an increase in efficiency, lower costs and even more devoted students and staff.

A Service Management tool gives you the possibility to automate manual processes and save the staff time. You can also make the service experience more consumer-like, giving the students a modern and innovative way of managing their study and course. Even campus visitors and operations staff can benefit greatly.

Read more about the benefits of an ITSM tool for higher education here.


Retail is a relevant industry in the world of ITSM. Retail chains are especially beneficial when it comes to improvement of transparency, communications and efficiency. Automation of processes, pre-made templates and standardised feedback are just a few examples of the tools that benefit both the management and the employees.

Even store management will find useful tools in an ITSM system that will improve both control and quality. Many retail companies are hesitant to move into this modern streamlined way of running the business, but the ones who get a head start into the future of retail business.

Want to read  a real live example? See our case study on COOP Market Norway.

Public Sector

The public sector and government services is known for their manual processes and complex project management. An ITSM tool, like the FedRAMP authorised ServiceNow, can provide the public sector with a modern and innovative solution. This means improved services, reduced costs and automated workflows.

Employees in the public sector can now focus on delivering and reaching benchmarks, rather than spending too much time on complex manual processes. Mirrored data centers located within many regulated countries keeps the data secure and protected. Not only will the employees and management see benefits, but the public users can also enjoy a greater consumer-like service experience.

Read more about the use of an ITSM tool in the public sector here.

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