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Göran Lundqvist

Göran works as a technical consultant and loves solving problems. With his experience in both processes and technical areas he takes on problems with a different angle and a thirst for knowledge. He believe that sharing is the key to the future and is a ServiceNow MVP and active community member.

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Hidden diamonds of Jakarta

By now you have probably seen and heard a lot about the new cool features of Jakarta and what you can expect from upgrading. So, this post is not going to be about the big new features like Software Asset Management. I have spent some time digging around in documentation and playing around in...

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"Oh no, where did my unsaved data go?"

This dilemma is coming from a community member who was asked to put in a "confirm message" to a user where they had filled in information on a catalog item in the Service Portal and tried to move away from the page before "saving" it. We are talking about the same functionality as the one we...

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Where did I write that piece of code?

I doubt I'm the only one being in the position where I forgot where I wrote a specific piece of code or that something is changing the data, but can't figure out where.

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Top 5 Istanbul features

We finally got Istanbul to our personal developer instance and it was just to dive right in.

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