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At Fujitsu and Symfoni ESM a Fujitsu company, we like to think we set the gold standard when it comes to ServiceNow: we’re a Global Gold Sales Partner and have been bringing our twenty-plus years of delivering service excellence to our clients in all sectors as they seek to make the most of ServiceNow.










So, when the opportunity came to be a Gold sponsor at Knowledge17 we grasped it with both hands. Why? Because it’s the best place to highlight the uniqueness of Fujitsu’s approach to ServiceNow. We understand that every ServiceNow project isn’t isolated; it’s part of a complete lifecycle and wider strategies, including digital, and systems. We cover the entire ServiceNow lifecycle, including business change, training, development and support.

Knowledge17 is the perfect place to share our approach with a range of organizations. We’re going to explain how we combine our experience in service management with the proven power of ServiceNow. And at Fujitsu we have big ambitions for our partnership with ServiceNow. We’re increasing the countries we work in across Europe, from seven to 14. We’re also entering the US, Australian and Japanese markets. It’s an exciting time for both us and ServiceNow.

OK, so this is starting to sound like a sales-pitch; believe me it isn’t. I’m genuinely excited about what’s on offer from May 7th to 11th, and that’s because the conference is all about ‘knowledge’ in the true sense of the word. When you streamline service management processes within complex organizations you’re actually freeing-up human capital. Its value resides in the experience, expertise and (yes) the knowledge of your people. That’s why at Fujitsu we encourage you to Free your business to do more business with us; take the journey, so that your employees can focus on adding real value.

We’ve worked hard to make our booth unmissable. We’re running exciting VR demos and games (with prizes to match) showcasing our Augmented Reality (AR) technology (Wednesday 10th May 12:30 in the TheaterNow area), and offering personal meetings, as well as hosting a dinner for our customers. Our breakout sessions are always popular, and Carey Blunt (Global Chief Architect for Service Management Tools) will be telling the story of how Fujitsu implemented ServiceNow across its entire global business (09:00 on Thursday 11th May). He really does ‘eat, sleep and breathe’ ServiceNow. He will describe how, in effect, we were our own test-bed (some might say ‘guinea pig’) and how we bring the benefit of our experience straight to our customer’s businesses’. It’ll be an honest and fascinating insight just how embedded the concepts of ServiceNow are within our own business.

So, come and meet some of our 300 ServiceNow experts fresh from delivering over 400 projects globally! I’ll be there, ready to share the knowledge – it’s a golden opportunity for all of us.

For a detailed overview please visit our event webpage here. For more insight into how Fujitsu helps you to Free your business to do more business read here.



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