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By now you have probably seen and heard a lot about the new cool features of Jakarta and what you can expect from upgrading. So, this post is not going to be about the big new features like Software Asset Management. I have spent some time digging around in documentation and playing around in the instance to see what have been put in there without any big notice or any drumbeats.

Automated Test Framework (ATF)

First out is Automated Test Framework(ATF). It came with Istanbul allowing us to start doing automated testing. However, it had to be started and run manually. But not anymore! In Jakarta they have introduced the possibility to schedule test suite executions.

This makes life easier and lets you OOB schedule notifications with results as well. At the moment, the only downside is that if you have tests that involve client stuff, like adding values in a form field. You will need an open browser with the “Scheduled Client Test Runner” where the client side will be tested. It is still automated though.

Read more about it here: Schedule automated test suite


Knowledge got a few good add-ons in Jakarta, but I want to highlight “article versioning” and “different views in Service Portal”.

Article Versioning: Allows you to have your articles with versions. Giving you opportunities to rollback and even work on an article without messing with the public one. I really enjoy this.

You can read more about it here: Article versioning

Different View in Service Portal: Jakarta has its own Knowledge Portal. However, I do not see the use case here at the moment. I think it is just a brick in the game to move a lot of the functionality from the normal “UI” to a Service Portal design instead. The portal looks the same as if you go to Knowledge within the normal “UI” which has much better filtering etc. In addition, it gives widgets that can be reused on our own portal page.

It looks like this:


You can read about the knowledge portal here: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/jakarta-servicenow-platform/page/product/knowledge-management/concept/knowledge-management-service-portal.html

Knowledge Management Service Portal

Email image filtering properties

This is a small change, but I really like it. Don’t we hate it when small images in the email, like signatures etc., becomes attachments in the ticket? The new release includes a property for this where you can decide how big an image should be. If below the value, ServiceNow will ignore it and add it as an image not an attachment.

You can read more about the feature here: Email image filtering properties

Variables belongings in Service Catalog

Variables belonging in the Service Catalog has got a nice new feature which makes you able to include Placeholder in the field of the different variable. Now we can move some of the help texts inside the field which gives a nicer look. This will work both in the normal "UI" and in the Service Portal view. Why they didn't name the field "Placeholder" I can't say, but the name in ServiceNow is "Example Text" and it is working on the following variable types:

  • IP Address
  • Email
  • URL
  • Single Line Text
  • Wide Single Line Text
  • Multi Line Text
  • Date
  • Date/Time

Service Portal

Last we have the Service Portal. There is a lot of interesting features to choose from, but I would like to focus on two things; Draft and Variable types.

Draft: It is now possible to put a page in "draft mode” so it isn't visible for the end user the second you save it for the first time. Even though it is a nice feature, there might be some disadvantages. You will be able to choose “draft” under the “Edit Page Properties” in the designer:







Variable types: You may have noticed that if you went into the docs for variable types in earlier releases, most of them have a text like this:




Now, "all" variable types are supported on Service Portal, beside those who are using Jelly. But that should be obvious. One thing I noticed though is that even if they are supported, they still do not always have the same functionality as in the normal "UI". Example container in the normal "UI" has a +/- to expand & collapse the variables inside, they still don't have that functionality in Jakarta. But they are supported at least.

This was a few of the hidden diamonds I found so far in Jakarta. Feel free to comment if you have something you think I should add and I will look at it.

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