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How to avoid the daily waste time factors

Another busy day at work? What did you manage to achieve? Did your team finish off that important project they were working on? Did they hit all of their targets and meet their SLAs?

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Your service desk may have expired. Check the date.

IT is the lifeblood of every modern business and the service desk is the heart that keeps that blood pumping. Fit and healthy businesses need strong service desks. If the service desk doesn’t function properly the rest of the business won’t stay healthy for very long.

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The Importance of combining people, organisation and technology

Today’s business leader knows that stimulating co-operation and communication between people is key to boosting productivity. But, in reality, bringing everyone together and ensuring they are all singing from the same songsheet, can be a tough challenge in today’s enterprise.

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What is PPM and how it can support your projects

No, it is not just another meaningless acronym. Project Portfolio Management (or PPM), is a systematic set of processes and frameworks for managing large-scale project and program work models. PPM is another tool in the shed for large operations to unify their working systems and allow for full...

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