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5 industries that benefit from an Service Management tool

A Service Management tool  is not just a static solution made to meet general needs in every industry. A service management system can be customised and implemented to meet the specific needs of your company. We have seen different industries and different departments benefit greatly from...

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ServiceNow and Financial Management: The IT Cost Management plugin

I have experienced some confusion about the abilities of ServiceNow in the areas of IT Cost and Financial Management. Renaming modules and moving them between license suites only increased the confusion.

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Become a real SUPERHERO at work by fighting for every department!

They say heroes are made and not born.  Which is great news for you, because with just a little bit of planning and some finesse, you too can be a superhero at work, sharing your incredible powers with the world (or at least your colleagues).

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8 Ways to Measure ROI for Multiple Departments

Your executive management team have asked for a ROI report.  Simple!  Collect some numbers, run some fancy looking graphs and statistical reports, easy. Except, of course, we are all sadly aware that ROI analysis is nowhere near as simplistic as the previous sentence suggests.

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