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How to overcome internal resistance when adopting a new system

The role of an IT service manager can be a thankless task. Many of them are expected to make do with aging technology in underfunded departments. As a general rule - the older the tech, the greater the problems. Consequently, the regular working day can be immensely frustrating.

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5 steps to how your IT department can revolutionise the company

Too many people think that IT departments are little more than basic service and maintenance organisations. The job is to make sure the tech works and to fix it when it breaks down.

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How do you bring people and technology together in your organisation?

“Employees are a company’s most valuable asset.” This quote is so old that it’s difficult to know exactly who said it first. It’s become a principle of successful business and it’s still regularly repeated by entrepreneurs and managers today.

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A step by step guide to analysing your business process

How effective are your business processes? Excellent? Mediocre? Poor? How do you know? Intuition? Guesstimation? Do you have a way of measuring them? Even if your business is doing well there is always room to optimise your processes and become more efficient.

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