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Badly defined processes: throwing money down the drain

From small enterprises to large global operations, we all rely on processes, from IT systems, to the production line, or the warehouse and logistics operations.

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Learn The 3 biggest myths about ITSM implementation and how you can change people’s attitudes

“We need to make a change!” - a phrase to divide your workforce.

Planning to change your IT service management (ITSM) can be quite a big deal for everyone in your enterprise to accept. Negative responses like,  “Implementing a whole new IT management system is too hard”, “it will disrupt our...

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The Importance of combining people, organisation and technology

Today’s business leader knows that stimulating co-operation and communication between people is key to boosting productivity. But, in reality, bringing everyone together and ensuring they are all singing from the same songsheet, can be a tough challenge in today’s enterprise.

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Fully Integrated: The business of connecting your digital platforms with integrated ITSM

These days, almost every element of our lives can be organised or enhanced by something digital. An app, wearables, smartphones, all have become part of our daily routines and we track and record across all sorts of devices from we wake up until we go to bed.

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