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How to get everyone on board when investing in a whole new IT system

Computer software and the science behind it can be understood at a very advanced level by brainiac computer guys in IT. But at its very core, it can be explained in a simple way; binary code breaks complex data into one of two possibilities: either a “0” or a “1”. A short string of eight digits...

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“Sorry, we forgot you were coming!” - How a service management tool can welcome a new employee

In many ways, a first day at a new job is much the same as the very first day at school. You know that the new employee is probably a bit nervous and the anticipation and the sense of insecurity creeping up on him or her. In a professional context, the first day can be filled with worries about...

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Handling “Inventory of store status” with ServiceNow at Systembolaget

In this article I would like to explain how Systembolaget manages an “Inventory of store status” in ServiceNow Project application.

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Become a real SUPERHERO at work by fighting for every department!

They say heroes are made and not born.  Which is great news for you, because with just a little bit of planning and some finesse, you too can be a superhero at work, sharing your incredible powers with the world (or at least your colleagues).

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