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Five reasons why you should take your enterprise to the cloud

If you’re still managing separate systems for separate business functions within your enterprise, then you might as well be walking around with your head in the clouds. Problems such as data backups, power outages and outdated information would bring any IT manager back down to earth with a...

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How to get everyone on board when investing in a whole new IT system

Computer software and the science behind it can be understood at a very advanced level by brainiac computer guys in IT. But at its very core, it can be explained in a simple way; binary code breaks complex data into one of two possibilities: either a “0” or a “1”. A short string of eight digits...

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“Sorry, we forgot you were coming!” - How a service management tool can welcome a new employee

In many ways, a first day at a new job is much the same as the very first day at school. You know that the new employee is probably a bit nervous and the anticipation and the sense of insecurity creeping up on him or her. In a professional context, the first day can be filled with worries about...

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