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Hidden diamonds of Jakarta

By now you have probably seen and heard a lot about the new cool features of Jakarta and what you can expect from upgrading. So, this post is not going to be about the big new features like Software Asset Management. I have spent some time digging around in documentation and playing around in...

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"Oh no, where did my unsaved data go?"

This dilemma is coming from a community member who was asked to put in a "confirm message" to a user where they had filled in information on a catalog item in the Service Portal and tried to move away from the page before "saving" it. We are talking about the same functionality as the one we...

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Agile Development - Automatic calculation of story points

I absolutely adore the agile development module in ServiceNow. It allows me to schedule and streamline my development work, it doubles as documentation and it helps me communicate to the customer on work done, in pipeline, etc.

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How to use ServiceNow Wiki as Google Chrome search engine

If you want to be able to search the ServiceNow Wiki directly from your Chrome browser’s address bar, you can create a custom Google search engine.

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