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Education and training of employees display the company’s support of seeing the employees grow professionally and become an even more valued member of the team. While investing a significant amount in a new software, the price to pay for training is quite small knowing the result you might get out of it.


We interviewed our certified ServiceNow trainer in the Benelux, Stijn Verhulst, to find out more about why the interest of these trainings seem to increase and the reason why people should attend trainings.

classroom_training Certified trainer Stijn Verhulst at a ServiceNow System Administration training in Benelux.


What do you think is the main reason why people should attend trainings?

We see that managers recognize that coordinating training for their employees is beneficial to both the employee and the organization. Many of our customers want to formalize their business processes to make it unique and provide them added value. However, their employees might not be capable of leveraging all the possible features to be able to run the business appropriately.

The platform can only be used to its full extend when you are aware of the opportunities it can offer both business and money wise. Features like tool consolidation, detailed reporting, automation and optimal business processes can only be leveraged if you are willing to invest and develop the platform to fit your business needs. However, to succeed you need to follow the appropriate trainings which will teach you how to capture the opportunities mentioned above.

What kind of people with different kinds of roles should attend?

I believe everyone using the software should attend. We offer different type of trainings for different kind of roles within the company, both for more business related roles and operational and technical persons. The essential here is that you find the right type of training to the right type of persons, also in the context of how far you have come implementing and using the tool.

For example, an Asset Manager should follow System Administration as well as Asset Management. System Administration training is the basic for other trainings, whilst at Asset Management we highlight the functional point of view. The technical or operational people that have to maintain or administer the tool, should follow the Scripting training.

What can they expect to get out of attending our trainings?

Two things matter for a company who has invested in a tool like ServiceNow: ROI (return on investment) and business transparency. These goals cannot be achieved if the business or operational people are not aware of the capabilities and features the ServiceNow platform offer.

Attending training will of course give you the knowledge needed to handle and see the benefits of the tool, but more importantly is the experience we bring into the story. It is not just detailed information, it is more about the actual experience from years of experience with the tool and sharing best practices, letting the students being involved in the course.

Why choose trainings from Symfoni?

Symfoni offers a set of different ServiceNow trainings to the whole organisation, also adapted to how far you are in the implementation process. In addition, you can get tailor-made trainings for your organisation only. We have experienced and certified trainers who are constantly developing guidelines on how to implement the platform in the best possible way.

Besides being a partner for implementing a project, we aim to guide the customer throughout the project life cycle from A to Z. Therefore; a unified and solid understanding between Symfoni and the customer is needed, in which training plays a vital role.

Training often starts with implementing the classic ITSM processes and also sometimes stops there. Don’t forget that ServiceNow includes Service Management for the whole organisation! When we talk about a platform like ServiceNow within a company; why not leverage its actual potential and goal as a unified business platform?


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